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by Jan 28, 2019Photographer SEO

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Where is the best place for a client to leave a review about their experience with you?

There are a lot of options out there, that will determine the best place for clients to leave a review.
One of the first places that may come to mind is Google, right? Google has a Google My Business.  They have a business profile that you can set up, where you can send people to leave a review for you there.
There are other options, like Yelp. If you’re in the wedding photography business there is WeddingWire.  Or there is the Better Business Bureau, or Yellow Pages. The list goes on, and on of different places that Google can pick up, from an SEO perspective. Also where clients can find different reviews about your business.

Where is the best place?

To answer this question, I will give my answer with the following in mind,

  1. Diversify
  2. Clients Choice

1. Diversify

You want to be able to have not a bunch of reviews in one area and on one platform.  You want to have multiple reviews spread across multiple platforms.
That why you need to have some diversity. This allows you to have reached the clients that are on different platforms. Some clients may not trust Yelp. Some clients may not trust Google. Some may not trust the Better Business Bureau.

When you have diversity in different areas, you can reach all clients! Proving that on different platforms and different areas that you have trust.  You have positive reviews in different areas!

Anyone of those platforms could go away, as in Google or Yelp, but they probably won’t. There are opportunities to solidify long-term, positive benefits from these results.
The other thing is the frequency and how recent a review is. You don’t want to build a bunch of reviews on Google, then move over and do a bunch of reviews on Yelp.  Then do a bunch of reviews here, there, or whatever.

2. Clients Choice

The way that we like to approach this is to give to your clients, that you’re asking for a review from, options. Let’s say you send an email that offers them a chance to leave a review. In this email you select  one of these platforms that you prefer them to leave a review at. You would have 4-5 links (or whatever works for you) that lead to a review page of yours, so people can you leave you an actual review.
In that way, the client will choose the one they’re most comfortable with. If it’s an ideal client, chances are other clients are in that same similar type of mindset!  They will want to leave a review. Like minded clients trust channels that the previous, like-minded client left reviews on.
By doing this, it gets you diversity.  It gets you a chance to really let the client decide where they’re comfortable! Maybe they don’t have a Yelp account, or maybe they don’t have a Google account, or maybe they don’t have a Wedding Wire. So for them to leave a review, it would require a long, arduous process. But, let’s say they do have Facebook, and Facebook’s on the options, boom, they can go in, and do that.

Wherever the client is comfortable leaving a review with is going to be one of the best options!

That is generally how we determine where the best place to leave a review is. 

Thank you for taking the time to check this out, let me know if you have any questions over at turnerwebservices.com!