Web Design & Development Packages

Let’s build a tool for your business, not an ornament.


What The Web Development Package Comes With:

Who Is This For

The design and development of your website is a critical part of its effectiveness. A poorly designed and developed website will not convert as many visitors into customers. Sites that are designed and developed well deliver an element of trust and authority to your visitors. As search engine optimization evolves the quality of your design and site structure plays an integral part in the ability for your site to rank on search engines.

Additionally, many social media channels are considering the design and development of your pages when determining deliverability and relevance score. The primary purpose of this service is not branding or custom design artwork.

This package is designed for people who already have branding and existing design elements but would like their website to be on a more robust and SEO friendly platform.

All Site Builds Include

  • All sites are built on WordPress using the Divi theme
  • Hosting is required by the client (we recommend Siteground)
  • We help you plan your site structure to optimize for user experience and search engines
  • We handle all of the technical aspects of setting up and developing your new website
  • We design the site on a private server to minimize any downtime of your existing website
  • We work with you to incorporate your branding and design elements into a robust and web platform
  • Our pricing model allows you to perform as much of the work as you would like, which saves you money!
  • We handle migrating the content and SEO that you have on your current site to the new site

Web Design Pricing

We price our web design package on a hourly retainer model. Our current hourly rate is $100 USD per hour. This means you pre-pay for a specific amount of web design hours to be performed by To Boldly Go Digital. If you don’t use all of the hours up to 50% of the retainer is refundable. For example, if we were on a project with a 20-hour retainer and we are able to complete your project in as little as 10 hours you’ll receive 50% of your money back. As we approach the 20-hour mark of the project we will assess if it will take more than the 20 hours that was pre-paid. Any hours worked above and beyond the 20-hour mark will be billed at $85 per hour.

Pricing Details

  • Our hourly rate for what design services is $100 per hour
  • $100/hour for the first 20 hours. $85/hour for all hours thereafter
  • The minimum retainer amount for most sites is 20 hours (or $2,000). Micro-sites (less than 5 pages) have a minimum retainer of 10 hours.
  • 50% of the retainer is refundable (give the hours are not used)
  • You will receive detailed ongoing reports breaking down the hours charged against your retainer
  • Typical project duration: 4-8 weeks (we could finish in as little as 2 weeks)

How to Lower the Cost of Your Project

The retainer model allows for both the client (You) and the service provider (Us), to control cost and expenses. One of our most expensive aspects of a web design project is the communication between the service provider and the client and revisions. By limiting the number of emails and being more concise with your revision request, fewer hours will be consumed and billed during the project. More emails and more revisions = more cost. We have a project management system that allows us to effectively communicate and efficiently manage revisions.

Project Terms

  • The client is responsible to provide all text, images, graphics, video, links, custom icons, design, artwork, all creative elements & all other digital assets for the website.
  • To Boldly Go Digital LLC will train & prepare training materials (videos, checklist, & written instructions, best practices, etc…) on growing & maintaining your new site.
  • To Boldly Go Digital LLC performs limited design or artwork for the web design project
  • To Boldly Go Digital LLC will be “designing” the structure and layout of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your support hours?

We offer support Monday – Friday from 8am – 5 pm CST.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at info@toboldlygodigital.com.

How Long Does a Web Design Project Take?

Typical project duration: 6-8 weeks (we could finish in as little as 2 weeks)

What if I'm not happy with your services?

We strive to help you reach your marketing goals with SEO. Given the bespoke nature of the work, results can vary. A strong majority of our clients see significant results and earn much more than they invested with us. We will work with you to get those results.