Should I Buy Up All My Keyword Rich Domains?

by Apr 29, 2016Photographer SEO

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Should I Buy Up All The Keyword Rich Domains-
There is a common misconception in search engine optimization that you can buy additional domains and it will help your ranking. For example, if you were to buy because that’s your business name, and then you buy and you are in Atlanta, the idea is that you would redirect over to your main domain and it will rank better.
However, Google does not see it that way. They see a different domain as a completely different business and it is not the intention of Google to allow to have two different domains for one business, you’re supposed to have one domain for one business. If you have different types of businesses for example a photo booth and a photography site, those are two different businesses that can have two different domains, and they should have different domains.
There is the odd case where you might get someone who actually types in to Google and that would redirect you over to your new site. However, without having content on the site, and having that be a redirect, Google will see that as not a valid site and that site domain will not rank.
The other side of the coin is to use as your main site. This can work and does work for many people. However, the way that it works, the reason that it works is because that’s their business name. Their business name is something along the lines of Atlanta wedding photographer, and that is the domain that matches it.
The way that using works from an SEO perspective is when someone searches Atlanta wedding photographer in a Google search, you show up because Google thinks that someone is searching for your business and not necessarily searching for a list of other wedding photographers. Eventually, that does help if that were to be your case. In that circumstance you still have to do SEO efforts to provide Google with the information that you are a valid website.
We do not recommend buying any other domains for SEO purposes that are not aligned with your business name. We do recommend buying iterations or your business name just in case people type it in wrong or slightly different and having that redirect over to you. The only advantage there is for people who directly type in your url into a browser. Owning a lot of domains will not improve your SEO.